EVENT: New Kids on the Block in Investigative Journalism

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This is a recording of our 13 October event at London's Frontline Club. Greenpeace has recently hired a team of investigative journalists to dig deeper into stories about climate change and the environment. We’re not alone. Other global charities like Global Witness have ramped up their already significant investigative capacity. New media outlets such as Buzzfeed are investing heavily in serious investigative reporting. And the Bureau of Investigative Journalism just received a grant from Google to promote local reporting. But it’s not all about the new kids on the block. Global collaboration and established foundation funding has already changed the face of investigative journalism. So what might the new players bring? And what are the pressures on investigative reporters? Will media outlets have to change how investigative stories are told, to reach new audiences? What role should global NGOs play in investigative journalism? Speakers: Jane Bradley - BuzzFeed News investigations correspondent Rachel Oldroyd - The Bureau of Investigative Journalism managing editor David Leigh - The Guardian's former investigations editor Maeve McClenaghan - Greenpeace senior investigative reporter and freelance investigative journalist Chaired by Paul McNamara - Channel 4 News

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