Episode 11: 1983: Bockwinkel says Goodbye to Houston

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Episode 11: 1983: Bockwinkel says Goodbye to Houston

In Episode 11 of Greg Klein's Old School Rasslin Talk, Greg:

Continues to re-examine the career of AWA world champion Nick Bockwinkel, this time looking at his 1983 travels and matches.
Discusses the attempted territory war in Houston in spring 1983 as Southwest tries to reclaim the market, running opposition to Paul Boesch and Bill Watts.
Looks at one of his favorite matches, from Feb. 25, 1983, when Chavo Guerrero wins a non-title match against Nick Bockwinkel.
Looks at Bockwinkel's other matches in Houston in 1983, including against Dusty Rhodes, Junkyard Dog, Mil Mascaras and Mr. Wrestling II.
Source material for this episode is Mark James' book of programs, "Houston Programs 1982-1983," and Pete Birkholz's book, "When Wrestling Was Rasslin'." Two of the Houston matches discussed this episode are widely available to view, on Youtube and elsewhere, so check them out!
Greg Klein's Old School Rasslin Talk is sponsored by Greg and his work. You can buy "The King of New Oreans: How the Junkyard Dog Became Pro Wrestling's First Black Superstar" and "The Paper Tigers: The Untold True Story About How Five Guys From the Streets of Philadelphia Became Professional Baseball Players for One Day" on Amazon.

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