Episode 53: Ahsoka + Younglings Arc, Part 1 with Raphael, The Geeky Dad, and Arianna, The Multiverse Kid

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Hold onto your lightsabers, because Hondo Ohnaka is coming for them.

In the first half of the Ahsoka + Younglings arc (The Clone Wars 5.6–7, “The Gathering” and “A Test of Strength”) we meet a crew of Jedi younglings who find their very own kyber crystals — just in time to almost lose them to Hondo’s pirate gang. (And they actually DO lose Ahsoka.) But don’t worry. Petro, Katooni, Ganodi, Zatt, Byph and Gungi are up to the challenge!

For this week’s recap, we invited an actual youngling to talk about the arc. Raphael, the Geeky Dad, and Arianna, the Multiverse Kid, joined us to talk about lightsabers, Star Wars girls and the challenges we overcome to become better. If you like baby Wookiee Jedi, this is the arc for you!

Next week, we’re tumbling (literally) into the second half of the arc, “Bound for Rescue” and “A Necessary Bond” (The Clone Wars 5.8–9).

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