Episode 60: Jedi Temple Bombing, Part 2

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Cue the tears. In the long-awaited (first) finale of The Clone Wars (5.19–20), enemies turn to friends…friends turn to enemies…and we cry a LOT.

In our recap of the end of Season 5, we ask so many questions. Why does Ahsoka choose to leave the Jedi Order? What are Barriss’s motivations? Where was Luminara in all of this? Did Anakin suddenly become relatable? And most importantly — what have the Clone Wars done to the Jedi Order?

We also want to send a huge and heartfelt thanks to all of our listeners who have stuck with us for 60 episodes. What an accomplishment!! Don’t worry — we’re nowhere near done. Next week, we’re starting Season 6 of The Clone Wars: “The Unknown” and “Conspiracy” (6.1–2).

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