Haunted Attraction Industry News for May 31st

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Monsterpalooza takes place this weekend June 3rd - 5th, 2022 in Pasadena, California; Haunters Against Hate The Event announces the theme of their 2nd annual Makeup Competition: The Nun; TransWorld Live: The Road to MHC - Episode 5 will go live Tuesday, May 31st at 6:00 p.m. PDT; Knott's Scary Farm is looking for monsters to join the madness of their 49th annual Halloween event; Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood scareactor auditions are set for June 17th - 18th; UnDead in the Water announced 3 upcoming casting sessions; A devastating fire burned down Creepy Hollow in Alberta Canada; Nightmares Manila opens in the Philippines; Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group presents Urban Death: Cannibal Corpse; The Austin Vampire Carnival returns to Texas with "Fear Factory" June 18th; Sir Henry's Haunted Trail announces their "Headless" featured trail; Hunt A Killer: Investigate LIVE is heading to the San Francisco Bay Area starting July 29th; Netflix celebrated Stranger Things: Season 4 with rifts to the Upside Down appearing on landmarks around the globe; SugarMynt Gallery plans two special events for June 3rd & 4th; Haunted Attractions Network visits the Haunt Supershow at the LA County Fair; Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights will no longer use the term "maze" for their haunts; Granite Insurance announces a new program designed specifically for the haunted attraction industry; Hershey to add three distribution and fulfillment centers ahead of this year's Halloween candy rush. Read the stories: https://mailchi.mp/hauntedattractionnetwork.com/haunt-industry-news-may-31-2

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