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As much as music is about personal perfection, it still seems to be at its strongest with tension and disharmony.
Not of a human nature, but more from an eclectic point of view, especially when it comes to taste.
If everyone in the band liked the same thing the propensity for recycled music and ideas is magnified considerably. How can you experiment when you are all on the same page?
Luckily for Brisbane based metal act Slaves Of Dissonance they have enough musical disparity within their ranks to ensure the creative well never goes dry.
Each member favours different genres of the metal spectrum, ranging from thrash/groove to prog to extreme death metal, with the resulting sonic barrage a bastardised amalgamation of the bands influences that explodes in a wall of dissent.
With their debut EP Toxoplasmosis set to be unleashed on Friday, August 12 guitarist John Winter and vocalist Andrew Mahon joined HEAVY for a run through what to expect.
“All four of us are all massive metal heads,” Winter began, “but we all listen to different types of metal. A couple of the boys are more straight black/death metal, some are groove/thrash/metalcore. We didn't really want to say 'we're gonna write a thrash metal record' or write a death metal record, we just said let's put all of our influences together and see how it comes out. We can't really categorize ourselves. It's just Australian metal. That was our aim."
In the full interview, the boys talk us through their debut single Involuntary Lobotomy, what to expect from the EP, what sorts of things they discussed as a band going into their first release, a brief history of the band, how they make a cohesive sound out of so many influences, their day jobs and how they benefit the music and more.

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