HBO PROJECT: Vinyl (2016)

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It's the 1970's and New York City is a grungy, graffiti-tagged, drug-fueled, teetering-on-the-brink of economic collapse urban hellscape. But, holy fuck, what a time to be a music exec. Bobby Cannavale is Richie Finestra, the founder and president of American Century Records, successful enough to have a rotary phone in his car, but unhappy and unfulfilled in that male protagonist of a prestige drama kind of way. With the impending sale of his company, Richie is at a crossroads. Although he's about to offload his debts and responsibilities onto some unsuspecting Germans, Richie still has real passion for the biz, and a jonesing to discover new artists. It'll take the murder of Andrew Dice Clay and a structurally unsound performing arts venue for Richie to recalibrate his life. Vinyl has a plot as overstuffed as its characters' nostrils, but does it earn its feature-length running time and $30 million price tag? (20:38 - 2:19:44) ... Also, In Treatment, The Nevers, and Warrior. (0 - 20:37) | Send feedback to Find our recording schedule, show notes, discussion threads, and more at | Recorded April 25, 2021. Released June 6, 2021. [Warning: Explicit Language.]

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