How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

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Remove the guesswork from real estate investing and establish a clear path for consistent returns. Here, building wealth is straightforward and fun.Discover how commercial real estate investors from all over the world got where they are today, how you too can generate truly passive, tax-efficient income, and confidently invest in real estate, even in the face of risks and unknowns.Real estate has made more people wealthy than any other form of investment. However, it can come with a steep learning curve and high risks if you don’t know what you’re doing.If you are a business owner who dabbles in real estate and wants to grow your portfolio or expand your network, you are in the right place.Welcome to How To Scale Commercial Real Estate. On the show, we expose the most important, needle-moving real estate investment strategies, leading you to maximize your returns. This is your friendly guide to getting past the roadblocks of investing in real estate so you can sail smoothly toward creating the financial and time freedom you’ve been wishing for.The best minds in real estate give you the tips and tricks to scale your real estate investment portfolio. Listen to industry professionals as they reveal insider secrets that helped them acquire multimillion-dollar assets in a strategic way.Hear details about the most crucial and painful mistakes they made in real estate so you know what to avoid and how to plan carefully throughout your real estate investing journey.Learn about leverage, real estate metrics that matter, and gain valuable resources, connections, and tips that will shift your mindset toward an immediately more prosperous, passive income-generating path.Discover how investors build high-performing teams and find the best deals and then implement their advice to build your own robust real estate portfolio. Your host, Sam Wilson, is passionate about helping you fully grasp real estate fundamentals and know what to look for in any real estate deal, whether residential, commercial, short-term or syndication. Real estate syndications are group investments in large commercial assets where you can invest your money passively, alongside dozens of others (including Sam!) and earn reliable passive income through distributions and equity. Sam Wilson is an active investor in self-storage, multi-family apartments, RV parks, laundry facilities and single-family homes, bringing vast industry knowledge from a diverse background to the show. Unlike other established real estate investors, Sam is in the middle of his own growth journey. He invites you to rise alongside him and his team members as, with each conversation, he’s learning too! Sam is the Founder of Bricken Investment Group, where he helps clients find commercial real estate syndication investments that align with their investing and lifestyle goals. Likewise, this podcast guides listeners through real estate’s steep learning curve to mitigate the risks. If you want to be a successful real estate investor without necessarily becoming a landlord, you need real estate syndication investments in your life. Growing and diversifying your portfolio and high-worth network boils down to making the right investing decisions and surrounding yourself with a like-minded, growth-pursuing community. It starts right here. Jump into the discussion of How To Scale Commercial Real Estate with Sam Wilson at Together, we'll achieve life-changing growth and invest in commercial real estate assets ripe with strong fundamentals, leading to the financial and time freedom we’ve been dreaming of.

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