Hypertension Resistant To Treatment Podcast with Dr. Tonya

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Welcome to the Hypertension Resistant to Treatment Podcast! Learn how to manage your blood pressure with your doctor. Research has shown that most people need approximately two medications to control their blood pressure. Avoid excessive medications with knowledge, resources, and support. Subscribe to our free blog, podcast, and YouTube channel for hypertension information and tips including trending health topics. Our team is here to help you control your blood pressure and live a healthy life. Thank you for visiting! Are you struggling with hypertension and resistant to taking blood pressure medication? Are you looking for ways to delay or avoid medication altogether? Our team, led by Dr. Tonya, a clinical scientist, doctor of nursing practice, and hypertension coach, has spent over ten years conducting hypertension research and is here to provide you with the information and tools you need to manage your condition and your health.

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