Psychology of the Landscape: Artist Julie Himel

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Julie Himel received a Diploma of Fine Art from Langara College, Vancouver, BC; a BFA Honours Degree from York University, Toronto, ON, and a Graduate Diploma from the Toronto School of Art, Toronto, ON. Her work has been exhibited across North America, including recently being featured in digital exhibitions with Visionary Projects, New York, NY; and the TD Thor Wealth Management Juried Exhibition: Quest for the Environment, Quest Art, Midland, ON. Himel’s paintings are part of private collections across the world and public collections including The University of Calgary, Calgary, AB; Westfield State University, Westfield, MA; the Armenian Centre Art Collection Canada, Toronto, ON and several corporate collections. Julie lives and works in Toronto.

Julie Himel's vivid paintings push the genre of landscape into dreamlike abstractions. Her newest works present an experiential portrait of human interaction with the natural world during this environmentally complex time. Man made structures, anthropogenic traces, and unnatural light sources become part of the view, through dream and memory-scapes that question time and connection to nature. A nod to the beautiful that inevitably unfolds as the environment adapts to human intervention.


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