Making the Work with Painter Glenn Goldberg

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Glenn Goldberg is a New York City based painter and musician who was born in the Bronx, and currently lives in Brooklyn. Glenn studied at the New York Studio School and earned his BA and MFA degrees from CUNY Queens College. Glenn is currently an associate professor in the art department at CUNY Queens College and Lodestar School of Art in Ireland and has previously taught at Cooper Union and the NY Studio School.

He has also been a panelist and visiting artist for MFA painting programs at Yale, Columbia, Boston University, American University, Hunter College, and others. A recipient of many awards, he has received grants from the Edward F. Albee Foundation, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Goldberg’s work has been shown extensively throughout the U.S. and internationally, with recent solo exhibitions at the Rooftop Exhibition Marvin Gardens and Desert Friend Clea RSKY in Willard, New Mexico. Recent group exhibitions include the National Academy of Design Benefit Auction in Brooklyn and The Patriot at O’Flaherty’s in New York, New York.

Glenn’s work has also been featured in numerous private and museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Guggenheim Museum, Brooklyn Museum, National Gallery of Art, High Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Art, LA. Glenn currently works with galleries that include Hill Gallery in Birmingham,Michigan, Galerie Albrecht in Berlin, Germany and the Betty Cuningham Gallery in NY.

In this conversation, Glenn and I talk about how he got his start with art, his work including how he uses natural objects, such as birds, flowers and water as representational elements. Glenn also shares some of his advice for new and upcoming artists.


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