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iamMathura: Gay Life, Guests and Fairy Tales is an LGBTQ+ Podcast hosted by creator Mathura Hawley. Each episode features a mix of commentary, interviews and storytelling from Mathura and guests who share in the ongoing search for truth and light. Mathura’s journey as a gay man began in the 1980’s. He offers his perspective as a survivor of child abuse, body image, bi and gay marriage, HIV, sexual assault and the straight corporate world. His own stories begin in the queer scene of old New York, to life in the San Francisco Castro, to the fashion era of Miami Beach and now Portland. iamMathura will feature stories of survivors, people on their journey, and insight into what drives us to become our best selves. Mathura writes and hosts one of the top gay erotica podcasts, MAT TALES: 40 Years of Gay Adventures, as well as hosting for other clients. He has been creative director for some big fashion companies and currently consults on branding and copy for earth and people positive projects as well as editing and writing for other blogs. New Episode Every Week

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