9: Education 👩‍🎓 User Experience – Students

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It’s not uncommon for us to ignore the impact of poor UX on our daily routine. A poorly designed app might make us miss a bus. A poorly designed door might make us look foolish. Often the effort required to right the wrong outweighs the cost. But in the case of education, a poorly designed experience has left millions of students disenfranchised, the nation with $1.5 Trillion in growing student loan debt, and employers with under-qualified candidates in the workforce. In this episode, we speak with four influencers who are fighting the battle on all fronts. In Discovery, they describe a problem that stretches from primary school, thru college, and right into the workplace. In Definition, we’ll isolate the players and their challenges. And finally, in Ideation, we’ll look at some ways to improve the UX of education in the future.

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