Why is Sensex at a Record High When Economy is in Trouble?

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In today’s episode, I talk about all the major moves of the week, including Modi government’s blockbuster disinvestment, developments in the telecom sector, macroeconomic updates and much more. Besides I also share Equitymaster’s insights on the current state of the markets. Sensex once again touched an all-time high this week. It went up as high as 40,816 points intraday. The Nifty also traded above the crucial resistance of 12,000. At a time when benchmark indices are touching record highs, the stock market doesn’t seem to mirror the economic fact sheet. We know that the economy has been slowing down... There has been a disconnect between the macroeconomic environment and markets. So, is there any clue for us? Is there anything that we are missing in this picture? We try to decode and more… Tune in now...

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