2022 Predictions & Astrology Forecast with Galit Raiman (Special Episode)

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Inner Worlds –
Hello my loves, it is my pleasure to share with you a SPECIAL end-of-year episode of Inner Worlds! For this epic episode, let’s welcome astrologer Galit Raiman as we talk about what is to come for humankind in 2022.

We discuss the astrological predictions for society as a whole and for ourselves as individuals. What will 2022 bring for us as a society? How will relationships and careers be affected? What is in store for us?

Healing our community, our culture, our families and the world starts with healing ourselves - and 2022 has a lot of opportunities to do just that.


  • Changing our perspective on the new year and what 2022 can offer us
  • An opportunity for healing
  • The return of ritual
  • Creating something bigger for ourselves
  • The evolution of self



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(04:32) 2022 Overview

(11:32) Spiritual Revolution

(16:02) Karmic Self Healing

(25:02) Connecting With Our Spiritual Roots

(31:02) Delusion and Illusion

(40:02) Power or Powerlessness

(50:02) A Clash Between An Immovable Object And An Unstoppable Force

(57:30) The Truth.

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