Fixing American Politics, iPad Desk Setups & Wandavision: ITSBUP 40

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They say life begins at 40, and boy are they right! Our fortieth episode is fresh, exciting, and thinking about buying a red sportscar - as well as mulling over the new dawn in America and our two new absolute favourite Twitter accounts of all time. For once, we've BOTH watched something and can tell you how good Wandavision looks so far, and Tom can give you some sweary behind the scenes of Byte Review!

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IN THIS EPISODE: 02:00 Living as the soon-to-be-vaccinated 04:20 Riots in America and a new dawn? 12:00 Tom's favourite new Twitter account, and returning to the eternal question of free speech 20:30 Ben's is up for some shitposting 28:20 Who wants to see Tom livestreaming? 36:30 iPad Desk Setups and behind the Byte Review scenes of anger 42:00 Free sponsorship agreement/plea 44:40 Wandavision is off to a flying start 53:20 Holding out on the return of Daredevil 58:40 Good Clean Fun 1:02:50 No pardon for Joe Exotic

Some things we talk about in this episode: Tom's latest greatest Twitter account: Twitter Bans Trump, Jonathan Pie: Ben's new favourite Twitter account: New electric car battery can charge in five minutes: Byte Review, iPad Desk Setup - Minimal & Modular!: Rhino RŌV PRO: Wandavision trailer: Spider-Man 3: Daredevil Actor Charlie Cox Wraps Filming: Good Clean Fun:

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