Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - The name's Shady ... Slim Shady!

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A not-at-all shady crossword by Michael Paleos, as a quick ONCEOVER of the grid will REVeal. It did include a few TIL /R (Today I Learned/Remembered) moments (for Mike: Jean knows all) including 9D, Jazz piano style played by Fats Waller and Mary Lou Williams, STRIDE; the aforementioned 13D, Slim Shady by another name, EMINEM; and 8D, Island like Kiritimati, ATOLL.
Jean -- proving that it is no coincidence that the letters of her name, rearranged, spell omniscient -- breezed through today's puzzle; Mike got stuck on 22A, Connecticut Ivy Leaguer, momentarily bedazzled by the fact that Connecticut has a silent c lurking in its midst. Shocking!

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