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John Hawkins is the Founder and CEO of HawLaw, a firm he created and has grown and nurtured since 2002. He has been licensed to practice law in South Carolina since his graduation with honors in 1994 from the University of South Carolina School of Law, where he was on the Law Review and Order of Wig and Robe. John’s career has been focused on litigation, and he is experienced in handling Car Wrecks, Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Administrative Law, and Criminal Law matters. His familiarity with the courtroom began when he clerked for the South Carolina Supreme Court and South Carolina Circuit Court. He also served for eight years as a South Carolina State Senator and for four years as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

John has served his country for 23 years in the South Carolina Army and Air National Guard, where he rose to the rank of Major and gained even greater legal experience as a JAG officer. John graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wofford College. His legal experience as a litigator, Legislator, Senator, and JAG officer, as well as the leadership skills learned in politics and the military, are put to excellent use for HawkLaw’s clients. John’s love of companies that put their customers first has led him to insist that every HawkLaw client receive an Amazing Client Experience.

John enjoys spending time with his two daughters. He’s also a pilot, cyclist, and avid reader.

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