Did Erika Jayne Know? Sisterwives, and Buying Beverly Hills

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New developments, arrests, and lawsuits regarding Tom Girardi’s fraudulent law practice may eventually lead to an Erika Jayne redemption. I explain and give my predictions. Aaron Carter was working on a memoir. Ramona Singer is out but look who is in the RHONY Legacy. Sister Wives is the most riveting reality show ever! Nick Cannon pays a lot in child support. Dave Chappell on SNL was hilarious but brought on social media controversy. Giselle is dating. Did she know him before she separated from Tom Brady? Glennon Doyle tells about an anonymous rude husband to a star. Who was it? RHSLC Bad Weather is not blue skies ahead. Brandon Graves from Netflix Buying Beverly Hills is here, and he shares how he was cast in the show and what being a realtor is like.

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