#39 • S3 • E4 • Ableism - Ft. Naveen Daniel • Voice(d)Less

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In this Episode, We are discussing about Ableism along with Naveen Daniel, Admin of istathukku Instagram Page. Topics discussed below, 1) Differently Abled (or) Disabled? 2) What is Ableism? 3) Challenges faced by Disabled, 4) Media Representation of Disabled, 5) Love and Relationship of Disabled, 6) Physical, Mental and Invisible Disabilities, 7) Issues in Claiming Rights, 8) Inclusive Environment, 9) Do’s and Don’ts, 10) Ideologies, 11) Being an atheist, 12) Dream land of Disabled, 13) It’s My Rights and not favor. Do follow us and DM on, https://www.instagram.com/kadhaippomawithkarthik/ https://www.instagram.com/istathukku/ https://www.instagram.com/naveendaniel.rb/

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