Kessel Fun Podcast Episode 10 - Ep. IX Leaked Photos And Mandalore TV Show

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Kessel Fun is a community created podcast broadcasting from a galaxy not too far, far away. Each episode highlights various speculations and theories discussed in SWS, as well as news, information, and fun from the entire Star Wars universe! In this episode, Sam, Vinny, Todd, and Lai sit down to discuss the rumors of Jon Favreau's new live-action TV Show being set on Mandalore, The new Episode IX leaked pictures, Rey's tragic past, and much, much more... Don't forget to ask a question for us to answer next episode and comment your thoughts and theories down in the comments section for any of the topics we talked about. Post of the Podcast: Rey's Past Is Important, Not Her Parentage - By /u/JediDefender - Where to contact us: - Reddit : - Twitter:

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