Governor Newsom Proposes Ban on Oil Drilling Near Neighborhoods

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Governor Gavin Newsom wants to ban new oil drilling near schools, homes and many businesses, proposing a rule aimed at improving the health of millions of Californians. The rule would bar new drilling within 3,200 feet of houses, schools and businesses open to the public.

Reporter: Marisa Lagos, KQED

The Bay Conservation and Development Commission has adopted a Bay Area-wide plan for adapting to rising seas. Scientists project the bay could rise by several feet by the end of the century, a result of warming temperatures.

Reporter: Ezra David Romero, KQED

In response to its homelessness crisis, the city of Los Angeles has opened the country's largest so-called tiny home village. It's located in northeast Los Angeles and more than 200 people will be able to live there.

Guest: Amy King, CEO of Pallet, a company building many of these homes

A new state audit has found that California’s Board of State and Community Corrections, which helps run the state’s adult and juvenile justice and penal systems, mismanaged nearly $60 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds.

Reporter: Katie Orr, KQED

The recall attempt targeting Governor Newsom is over, but there are other efforts across the state to remove elected officials from office. In Shasta County, a conservative member of the Board of Supervisors is facing a recall election promoted by members of a local militia and things have gotten ugly.

Reporter: Scott Shafer, KQED

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