Jabez Olssen on 'Get Back' and the Beatles

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Larry weighs in on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and the trial of Ahmaud Arbery's killers, right-wing vigilantism, and why he loves the Beatles. He's then joined by film editor Jabez Olssen ('Lord of the Rings,' 'King Kong') to talk about the making of the upcoming Beatles documentary, 'Get Back,' (25:49) and how the original 'Let It Be film and LP came together (28:00). Then they dive deep into the technical aspects of making the movie (42:16) and how the project will change the public perception of both the landmark album and some of the supporting cast like George Martin (56:43), Billy Preston (1:00;55), Yoko Ono (1:08:19), and much, much more!

Host: Larry Wilmore

Guest: Jabez Olssen

Producer: Kaya McMullen

Production Assistant: Chris Sutton

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