LFA with Guest Canadian Actor/Comedian Leland Klassen

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Having toured all across North America for nearly two decades, Leland’s credits are many and diverse. Including, appearances on Just For Laughs on the Comedy Network, CBC television’s Halifax Comedy Festival, Thou Shalt Laugh on Netflix as well as hosting numerous specials and series. In addition, he hosted the nationally syndicated television show Popcorn TV for 170 episodes as well as his very own show Leland Klassen’s Comedy Tournament. Most recently Leland took on the lead role in the dramatic movie “Extraordinary” drawing on the same authentic and genuine emotions that crowds have come to love in his comedy.

Congrats to Leland Klassen and the producers of "Sleeper Agent," winner of no less than FOUR awards at the CONTENT2020 Film Festival & Media Summit! Best Feature/Best Male Actor/Best Story telling.

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