Episode 113 - How to nominalized adjectives and how make a sentence with verb of perception ("no")

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【い/なAdjective/Noun + の】

If it is a な adjective and noun, it will be accompanied by な+の


I hate being cold.


It is well known that Japan is safe.


I forgot that the hospital is closed on Saturdays.

【"Verb plain style + の+をききます Verb plain style + の+をみます" 】

If the verb at the end ofut the sentence is a verb of perception, ことcannot be used but の. This expression stated what the speaker actually saw or heard.


I heard her singing a song.


I heard children playing outside.


I was watching the ship leave.


I saw Tanaka talking with his friend.

【"Verb plain style + の+がきこえます Verb plain style + の+がみえます"】

POTENTIAL verb of みます is みえます and ききます is きこえます. The particle before is always が.


I heard birds chirping outside.


I saw children playing outside.


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