Call of Cthulhu - Dreaming of the River of Night 2-1

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Daryyl Julius Rueglethorpe IV (Dilettante) - John (Beta) Petra Rivers (Entertainer) - Dani Vincenzo DeCarlo (Crime Boss) - John GM – Kevin After talking with their somewhat rat-like new friend, Petra, Daryyl and Vinny go to see the King of Celephais. King Koronus identifies himself not only as King but Dreamer of Celephais. He is pleasant and welcoming and bids them to stay at the castle. Petra washes up and relaxes so Vinny, spurred again, sits in his room petulantly. Daryyl on the other hand receives a group of visitors representing the Emerald Lama. They wear jade masks on their faces and wish for Daryyl to pass along a gift to someone who has wronged the Emerald Lama. They don’t say whom it is only that Daryyl will know and if he succeeds he will receive a great boon for his efforts. Use Code Legends10 to get 10% off your order Theme music created by Brett Miller

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