LibriVox Community Podcast #150

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #150 – LibriVox and the Pandemic. Hosted by Maria Kasper.

Duration: 37:45

With contributions from TriciaG, Mary in Arkansas, Madelyn Pauline (hertzm), schrm, julianpratley, Greg Giordano, Amelia Chesley (plaidsicle), KevinS, and Maria Kasper (commonsparrow3)

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00:00 Introduction
01:38 TriciaG with personal experiences and interesting statistics
08:32 Experiences of new member julianpratley
09:48 New member Madelyn Pauline meets LibriVox via Moby Dick
12:34 Amedia Chesley (plaidsicle) – Moving house during a pandemic
16:23 Mary in Arkansas – On PLing and her MIL’s take on LibriVox
20:16 How LV keeps Maria Kasper (commonsparrow3) busy at home
22:02 Schrm reports from the German-language branch of LibriVox
25:40 Bloopers!
28:33 KevinS surprises us by getting serious (almost!)
31:16 Greg Giordano – Being an essential worker means less time for LV
36:01 Conclusion

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We are interested in whatever feedback – positive or constructively critical – anyone has about our podcasts. Add a comment below or pop over to this forum thread. Any member of the community who has contributed readings to the LibriVox catalog can host a podcast and is most welcome to do so. Visit this thread on the forum to express an interest and float your ideas.

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