#7 Access to Justice

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It might seem so obvious: If someone misbehaves, e.g. by damaging your property, you may start proceedings or seek any other remedy available. You may also want to mediate to find a solution. This, in a broad sense, is access to justice. Who is able to achieve justice? Listen to this 7th episode of Maastricht Law Talk to find out!

This month’s guest is Maurits Barendrecht. He is research director at HiiL and a Professor of Private Law at Tilburg University. After finishing his law degree at Leiden University he started working at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, one of the biggest law firms in the Netherlands. Some years later, he even became partner. But: This wasn’t his. After finishing his PhD he started teaching at Tilburg and joined HiiL later on. To fight for justice!

We refer to three other Maastricht Law Talk episodes within the show. If you haven’t listened to them yet, consider doing so: What is Law, why can the State cause harm, and what exactly is tort?

Maurits and I discuss

  • what access to justice contains,
  • the importance of the rule of law,
  • States not trying to solve anything,
  • what the UN and EU are doing in that area,
  • why law isn’t always the right answer,
  • how powerless States are,
  • what must change in legal education to guarantee access to justice,
  • that legal positivism might not be the best way to go (debatable ;-)), and
  • much more.

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