#12 Will Frith, Consultant and Collaborator at La Viet: The Art of Coffee

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There’s no doubt, Vietnam’s coffee culture is deeply woven into the social and economic fabric of the country. As the world’s second largest coffee exporter, Vietnam has seen many investors, locals and foreigners, pour capital into the coffee market. In fact, many creatives have also ventured into the business — making use of their talents in creating artsy and innovative spaces where people don’t just savor the great robusta beans, but also breathe in the energy of the place.
In this new episode of M.A.D.,Tuan Le and Will Frith, Consultant and Collaborator at La Viet, talk about the art of coffee, and all the do's and don'ts of setting up a cafe. Here’s a spoiler (and a piece of advice you should heed): stop designing minimalist Scandinavian cafes.

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