#19 Elke Scholiers, Photographer and Senior Designer at Rice: Creatively indulge in local experiences

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Elke Scholiers is a Belgian art director, graphic designer and photographer. She took over various positions where she made use of her wide experiences about unique culture in distinct countries. She collaborated with international brands to elevate their communication including Senior Designer at the global design corporation 2x4 in Beijing and directed for Vogue Film China. Aside from working with well-known clients such as Prada, Adidas and the NBA, Elke’s photos are also published in the publications of Volkskrant, The Washington Post, Trouw and Knack.
What lessons can you learn from her incredible cultural journeys? And what are the pain points for young designers who aspire to work in a foreign environment? Listen to the conversation with host Tuan Le.
Follow Elke Scholiers on:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/elkescholiers/

Website: https://elkescholiers.com/

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