#4 Creative Directors at TBWA, Pizza 4P’s, Dentsu Redder and The Lab Saigon: Creativity is a virtue

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Creativity is “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something”. In advertising, it is what gives life to a product or a service, building that strong connection between brands and their target markets.

In today’s episode of M.A.D, creative directors from different renowned organizations share their passion for the art of storytelling through the powerful campaigns they’ve led that created a huge impact not just to the brands, but to the society.

A creative director himself, Tuan Le of The Lab Saigon, shares the M.A.D studio with Paul Busschau (Executive Creative Director, TBWA), Mark Bain (Creative Director, Pizza 4P’s) and Livio Grossi (Senior Creative Director, Dentsu Redder).
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