Maed Mixtape - Upside Down

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As we try to find our balance while the world flips on its head, today’s mixtape is named Upside Down for that very reason. What we hope for is that we can serve up some tunes that will help you find the ground. From RnB, to classic 90s rock, synth-pop, hip hop and more, we bring you songs that talk about the hustle, the mundane, emotional upheavals, how to deal with haters, and dreams about long lost friends.

Song List:Aditi Ramesh - Heal (00:46 - 07:31)

Tushar Mathur ft. Shayan Roy - Stepping About (07:50 - 11:56)

Nemophilis - Dreams (12:46 - 17:05)

Angad Katari - Never (17:36 - 21:36)

Siri - My Jam (21:50 - 26:21)

Curtain Blue x Komorebi - Green Tea (26:55 - 30::37)

Cosmic Attic - Comet (31:51 - 38:33)

Come be our friend:





Host: Mae



Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Producer: Shaun Fanthome

Video Directed/Edited: Jishnu 'Short Round' Guha

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