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A podcast celebrating Urdu, the language of love. An endeavor to preserve and promote Urdu Language and Literature. I am an urdu poetry enthusiast who grew up in Hyderabad, India. I was always attracted to poetry from a very young age, this love affair with poetry started with my admiration for good Hindi songs. I was always fascinated by songs that had meaningful lyrics, though tune and music are important but for me lyrics still remain the soul of the song. I slowly drifted towards ghazals and started reading the works of urdu poets. I started this podcast to create awareness about urdu literature and language. I cater to folks who cannot read the urdu script. I still consider myself a student of urdu. This endeavor has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling as I learn a lot about the works of great poets. I pursue this passion of mine in my spare time mostly on weekends. If you like this podcast. Please share it with your friends. Leave a review. Feedback is not only welcome but much appreciated. Abdul Raoof Siddiqui - email: -Instagram @urdu.ghazal

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