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Have you ever asked yourself, what happens to your business if you get hurt or really sick? We break down the necessity to build systems in your company that allow you to take a hiatus, without slowing down progress.

Jack speaks about his experience with Ruby and touches on outsourcing any sections of your business that cause you stress. In the long run, your decision to do everything, may hurt the success of your business.

More importantly, you can’t outsource your vision. Focus on what will be the most productive, not what could save you the most money.

In the instance that you have to take a hiatus, do what you can to ensure the direction and focus of your business are maintained, and the vision of your company is not lost. In some cases, a break may be exactly what you need to focus.

So on that note, we want to end the show with a fond farewell, and we will return soon! We are sad to say that our amazing and talented host Jack, has been diagnosed with an illness, but will be returning in the fall to start back up again.

Thank you for listening, and stay tuned for our return to Marketing for Founders!

Listen to this episode here: http://marketingforfounders.com/hiatus/

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