How to Scale and Sell in the Medical Spa Industry

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As the medical spa industry continues its extraordinary growth, interest in investing in, buying and selling practices is also increasing. Attendees of Medical Spa Show 2022 will have the option to attend the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Summit, a full-day pre-show education seminar on mergers and acquisitions in the medical spa space presented by Skytale Group. The cost is included in the price of admission, but space is limited, so be sure to sign up soon and select this course during registration. Visit for more information.

In this podcast, we speak with Benjamin Hernandez of Skytale Group to learn about:

  • The increasing interest in medical spas from large financial sponsors;
  • How early to prepare and how to set yourself up for sale;
  • What to do when you’re ready to sell;
  • The buyer’s perspective vs seller’s perspective;
  • What to know for a single practice looking to sell;
  • What to know for a multi-location group looking to scale;
  • And more!

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