After Meghan and Harry is the UK closer to becoming a republic?

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In a week that has seen the women in London organise a vigil to reclaim the streets after the disappearance of Sarah Everard in London will ask have Meghan and Harry have just not just put the boot into the royal family but also the monarchy?

Today we are joined by Writer and journo Emma Burnell in London, Drew Morisey the ideological Freeagent, programme Manager in the non-profit sector Gilly Cooper in London, Actor Terry Molloy in East Anglia and Mic Wright Editor at Conquest of the Useless, the media criticism newsletter in Norwich, businessman Alex Bishop in Hamilton Canada, Clint Loshe ex Capitol Hill staffer in Washington, Eric Marcus of the Making Gay History podcast in New York, pundit Doug Levy San Fransisco and Steve O'Neil the ex-deputy head of policy for the Liberal Democrats in London.

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