Episode 42 - Safer-at-Home

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After a hiatus from the podcast, during the age of Covid-19 and the ever constant use of Zoom, I decided to relaunch the podcast with interviewing the cast/crew of my new horror web series, Safer-at-Home.

Check out the installments page on YouTube.


Adam Cabrera is one of the baddest mothas you'll ever meet but nice as hell, would give you the shirt off of his back if he didn't love it so much. He comes from a small town in New Mexico, and is making his way through this world one film or short film at a time. He also had a dog but doesn't anymore!

Alex Henderson grew up in Calabasas, played football and graduated from Norther Arizona University. After many concussions he decided to leave the world of sports in pursuit of story telling. He suffers from night terrors and sleepwalking.

Harold White, Jr raised in Nashville, TN grew up around 10 brothers and sisters, one of the most positive people in the world, and always knew he was a go-getter since walking at the age of 6 moths. Playing baseball could've paved the the way for his future but storytelling has always been his greatest gift. Having kids has only taught Harold one important thing in life....make sure they know they can be whatever they want to be. Harold's favorite saying is 'Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten.' Harold wants everyone to know that he is only in the position because of God and his family. #StayPositive

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