Episode 47 - Genoveva Rossi

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Genoveva Rossi and I have known each other for a while over Facebook and Instagram. We have the same manager but seeing that she lives on the East Coast and I am on the West Coast here in Los Angeles, we have never had the opportunity to meet in person - so this was a nice way for us to sit down and talk about the film industry and how we stay motivated during the quarantine.


Genoveva Rossi is a award winning actress of film and stage, a cult film star, and a well-known horror genre actress. "Genoveva Rossi is one of the best known Scream Queens in the world, " writes Clare Nixon of The Digital Dead (UK). This horror queen is best known for her portrayal of gypsies, witches, fortune tellers, Satanists, and soldiers. Genoveva has over 98 acting credits. Look for her in Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BloodMania, Death House, Lloyd Kaufman’s Shakespeare’s Shitstorm, Blood Slaughter Massacre, Hunters, Apocalypse Kiss, A Dark Place Inside, I Spill Your Guts, Tapestry, Toxic Tutu, and many more!

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