Episode 50 - Anna Elena Pepe

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Anna Elena Pepe and I were in the same film - The Central Authority. So she came by the show to talk about doing a socially distanced film while on quarantine in London, England.


Anna Elena Pepe is a bilingual Italian-English actress and author. She completed the prestigious program European Act organised by The Royal Academy in London in collaboration with the International Institute of Performing arts in Paris where, in addition to acting, she also studied creative writing.

Her screen acting credits include the films: Un Viaggio di Cento Anni (directed by legendary Italian director Pupi Avati) I Love you (directed by Emmy Award Winner Richard Blandhard), The Tuscan Wedding (directed by Johan Nijenhuis, NETFLIX), and the lead roles in the Web/TV series It's not you, Interplay and Totò e Daiana. We will see her in the upcoming film The Central Authority, the first socially distanced film, entirely shot during quarantine and directed by Kristin West and Armin Nasseri. She is a also a dubbing and voice-over artist. She has worked for many brands, such as Vodafone, Swarovski, Ryanair, Fisher Price, Hasbro, Sony and for productions such as Warner Bros, Paramount and HBO.

Her passion for acting comes from the power of telling stories. So, as a progression, Anna felt the need to write her own stories, especially to create great, unconventional Female roles. Anna wrote a TV series that was selected for the competition Netpitch Television by the Writers Guild of Italy and has been picked up for development. She is also writing a film and a web series.

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