Apple AirPods Max review plus Samsung and OnePlus leaks and rumors with Michael Josh Villanueva of GadgetMatch

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This is episode 195 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Michael Josh Villanueva of GadgetMatch -- brought to you by Audible. In this show, we review Apple's AirPods Max and discuss a bunch of Samsung and OnePlus leaks and rumors. We also cover news from Oppo, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla... Phew!

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- Michael Josh Villanueva:
- MJ's Apple AirPods Max review:
- Oppo/Nendo "slide phone" concept:
- OnePlus smartwatch coming:
- OnePlus 9 leak:
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2021 rumor:
- Mozilla Firefox for M1:
- Microsoft Office for M1:
- Windows on ARM x64 emulation:
- Snapdragon 678:
- Longer update cycles for Android phones:

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