OLD-TIME RADIO ESSENTIALS Ep. 7 - "Inner Sanctum Mysteries"

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Welcome to Old-Time Radio Essentials, a new podcast wherein a specific episode from a selected OTR series is presented, and then discussed by three co-hosts: Pete Lutz, Jane St. John and Paul Arbisi; to determine whether or not it meets the following criteria:

1. Is it truly representative of that series? (Can anyone point to it and say, "Yes, that is what [NAME OF SERIES] was all about.")

2. Is it an episode worthy of inclusion in any and every OTR aficionado's private collection?

So with this in mind, we three bring you, as our seventh installment (and a listener's choice from Joshua, a co-host of another OTR panel show), this episode of Inner Sanctum Mysteries from 1949, "A Corpse for Halloween". We'll introduce the show, play it in its entirety, then discuss it at length. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoy it!

To comment on how we might improve this podcast, or give suggestions for future discussions, please write to us at f6point3@gmail.com .

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