Morgans AM: Wednesday, 6 October 2021

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US equity markets rallied despite surging energy prices intensifying inflationary pressures, sending Treasury yields higher - Dow up +312-points or +0.92%. Goldman Sachs Group Inc gained +3.12% as Treasury yields continued to climb. The broader S&P500 gained +1.05%, with Financials (up +1.77%), Communication Services (+1.59%), Information Technology (+1.46%) and Industrials (+1.10%) all climbing over >1% to lead nine of the eleven primary sectors higher. Real Estate (down -0.86%) and Utilities (-0.19%) were the only primary sectors to close in the red. The Nasdaq +1.25%, with Netflix Inc rallying +5.21%, Inc +0.98%, Apple Inc +1.42% and Google parent Alphabet Inc +1.77%. Facebook Inc (up +2.06%) rebounded from a -4.89% slide in the previous session (the worst single-day percentage decline since a -5% fall on 9 November, 2020) following a national broadcast of a whistleblower’s allegations that the social media network placed profits before safety and after widespread outages of Facebook services. The small capitalisation Russell 2000 added +0.49%.

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