44. How to Have Fun and Get More Done—Angela Coté, CEO, AC Inc.

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Are you having fun running your business? Is your team having fun? Do you show it? Today's guest, Angela Coté shares how she makes sure her team and clients are having fun while getting things done!
Today's 3 Key Takeaways:
1. Have a simple template to enhance your coaching and support.
2. Gain buy-in with your coaching and support.
3. Create a brand foundation by clarifying what your company stands for.

Today's Win-Win:
Get More Done While You're Having Fun!
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Angela Coté, the CEO and visionary behind AC Inc, grew up with M&M Food Market, the iconic Canadian brand which she helped grow to almost 500 franchised locations. She has done everything from dressing up as “Kelly Kabob” as a child to helping train franchisees. As the boss’s daughter in the field, Angela learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to getting franchisees engaged and motivated to grow their business.

After many years on the franchisor side of the franchise relationship, Angela successfully brought the M&M Food Market brand to Vancouver Island, opening the first 3 franchises in less than 1.5 years and building them into a combined asset valued at more than $1.5 million.

Angela eventually launched AC Inc and began working with early staged franchisors who needed help with where to focus their time, energy, and money for streamlined growth. Angela’s strong vision for disrupting the franchise industry with actionable, simple, and effective advice from people who really ‘get’ it has created a motivated and inspired team.
If you are ready to talk about franchising your business you can schedule your free, no-obligation, franchise consultation online at: https://bigskyfranchiseteam.com/ or by calling Big Sky Franchise Team at: 855-824-4759.

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