28. Merry Christmas!—2020 Year in Review Part 1

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Merry Christmas Week! We sincerely hope you enjoy your holiday and some time to reflect back on one roller coaster year!
This week's podcast we bring back the first nine guests for each podcast to have them remind us about what success means to them. Each guest and their episode is listed and linked below.
Tom DuFore, Jr. - How to Survive in an Ultra Competitive Industry for 48 Years
Melissa Rulli - How to go from Restaurateur, to Roofer, to Property Manager, to Franchisor
Chris Baker - How to Lose Big and Keep Your Sanity!
Bob Steinhardt, CPA - Avoiding IRS Red Flags
John Rayyan - Turning Lemons into Lemonade
Dennis McKinley - How to Make Your Vision a Reality
David Leopold - How Baseball Cards Led to the NBA and a Harvard MBA
Jeremy Pourbaix - Why You Should Buy Your Kid a Franchise
Pete Dosik, Esq. - Why You Should Never Be a Houseboat

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