The Secret to a Highly Successful Home Selling Tactic

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If you want to buy a home but you have to sell your own house first, you should consider having a professional get your home off of the market for FREE. Monte Mohr, creator of a very popular home selling program called “We Sell Homes 4 Free,” is here to answer a consumer’s question and explain the details.

Sarah of Middle TN wrote in and asked…

“We really like the idea of saving the 3% when selling our home with your ‘We Sell Homes 4 Free’ program. We don’t understand though how you get paid if you don’t charge for your services. My husband says nothing is free. Where’s the catch? Please explain.”

This is a question that I hear many times because it’s true; there are no things for free. In this case, the “catch” is that you will let me help you buy your next home. About three years ago, I saw the market tanking and I thought to myself, “How can I help people sell their homes at a time when they may not even be worth what they paid for them?” That is when I came up with the idea of “We Sell Homes 4 Free.”

A complete explanation to the program can be found on my Nashville Real Estate Website, but the short explanation is this: If you’ve got a home to sell, I’ll do everything in my power to help you sell it without charging you a single fee, as long as you promise to buy your next home from me in a reasonable amount of time.

This is working for a lot of people; last month I closed 18 properties and I’ve had over 40 sales since the beginning of the year. This really works because it gives people a price advantage since they don’t have to pay a customary 6% commission rate. I waive my 3% listing fee, and when you buy your next home, the 3% commission I’ll earn as your buyer’s agent is paid by the seller of that property. So I don’t get paid by anyone except the people who own the home that they’re purchasing.

This is a win-win situation when you have a home to sell and you’re going to buy another one anyway. From a seller’s standpoint, all the effort on my part is free; they won’t pay me anything.

There are some real Success Stories as a result of this program; let’s hear some testimonies…

Rosanne and Carl of Thompson’s Station said, “Monte helped us sell our home in a tough market and we saved over $6,000!” They wanted to down-size to a one level home and stop climbing those steps to go to bed at night. We were able to sell their home in just a few months, they saved over $6,000, and then I helped them buy their next home. They are a really happy couple now.

Opelia is a second-time customer of mine and I was able to see her home in the tough market of Hendersonville. Opelia said, “We sold our home in less than 60 days and saved over $7,500 with Monte’s program!”

Kim had her home for sale for over 3 years in the high-end subdivision of Liepers Fork in Franklin, TN and she had this to say, “Monte’s program saved me over $20,000 and he helped me find my dream home!” Now the really exciting part about this story is that we were able to save her over $100,000 on the home she purchased.

Thomas and Kristi are Channel 4 viewers from Hendersonville who knew it was going to be tough to seel their home so they called me to help them with my “We Sell Homes 4 Free” program. This happy couple says, “We saved over $9,000 and Monte sold our home in less than 30 days and helped us size down!”

One thing worth mentioning is the speed at which these homes have sold. What many people don’t realize is that homes ARE selling out there right now IF they are priced correctly. So it really helps to get a price advantage, which was my premise when I decided to lower the cost to sell. By removing my listing commission, you can lower your price and compete with the prices of the distressed properties on the market. That’s why these properties are selling – because they are priced correctly.

The final testimony for today comes from Karleen who was selling a home in a Franklin TN Subdivision. “Monte sold my home for full price in less than one week and saved me over $7,000!” Karleen thought she was going to pay me on the “buying end” of the deal, so she was very excited to realize that the builder of the new home she is purchasing is responsible for paying my fee; she got all of my services for free!

If you need help buying or selling a home in Middle Tennessee please contact Monte directly at (615) 300-8393.

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