Simple Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service

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How can you get to know your customers in an authentic way and provide memorable customer service??

If you’ve ever listened to or watched Rob Sperry, you are familiar with the idea of Spamela Pamela.

You know the type. The ones who just blast out cold messages about their products.
Over and over.

So, in the Network Marketing profession, how do you grow your customer base and team, WITHOUT becoming Spamela Pamela??

In today’s podcast, Amber Lambert Spence, who is in the top 1% of Network Marketers, and Rob will share their best tips on this very topic!! Amber has been in NWM for 5 years, and in the 2.5 years of being with her current company, she has grown her team to 3800+. So, she knows what it takes to set yourself apart and achieve success!
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