Contend For The Christian Faith

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In the Bible, Jude encouraged the saints to contend for the faith because they were in danger of having the faith...the trues of the Bible debunk, rebuttal, and twisted by the false teachers that crept into the Church. These false teachers were lowering the grace of God...treating the grace of God as if it is an amusement park ticket, to sin. Jude encouraged the saints to rise and speak out concerning the trues delivered to them by Jesus Christ and the first apostles.
The saints today are facing this same danger with the rise of false teachers: false apostles, false bishops, false prophets, false evangelists, false pastors, false elders, and false ministers who have entered the Church. Just as the saints in Jude's day rose to the occasion, we have to rise to the danger we are facing within the church. Let us today use our voice to speak out the trues that are in the Bible!
*Let us have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church*

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