EP 49 - A One Skald Band with Forndom

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This week Mathias and Daniel are sitting down with Ludwig Swärd the amazingly talented musician behind the one man band Forndom. His latest album FAÞIR is available now and Ludwig has come on the podcast to talk about his sources of inspiration, including the poem Sonatorrek or "Loss of a Son" by Viking age poet and certified badass Egill Skallagrímsson.
Is Mathias good at reciting poetry? Does Dan know composers other than Hans Zimmer? The answers as always will be complicated. Join us next week for our 50th episode, we have a special guest lined up we know you'll enjoy!
If you would like to listen to Ludwig's single from the album, "Yggdrasil" you can can do find it at: forndom.bandcamp.com/track/yggdrasil

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