Episode 2 - Nov 18, 2022 - Patriots Week! - Johnny Jets

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Johnny Jets joined crew Chief A.M. Pfeffer to discuss the biggest game in years. If the first New York Jets vs. New England Patriots game of the season was big, this one is a thousand times bigger. After thirteen wins for the Patriots in a row, this twice a year meeting needs to become a real rivalry again, which would not only be great for the NFL, but great for the NYJets fanbase as well. A.M. and Johnny deep dive on how close these teams are on paper through nine weeks of the season, how and why Mac Jones has regressed and what that means for the Jets chances, how Zach Wilson chose a very interesting time to give the NY media some fodder with his "no one outside of this building knows what they are talking about," quote. And they play Pretenders vs. Contenders as well. The end of the episode finds A.M. fielding three questions from the fanbase.

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