Episode 2 - Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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OFF THE DRIBBLE is hosted by Byron Scott. Byron was a 3x NBA Champion as part of the Showtime Lakers. Later he turned to coaching and was recognized as NBA Head Coach of the Year! We are excited to bring you this new podcast where Byron will interview athletes, musicians, celebrities, and more to give you behind the scenes stories you can only hear on the Byron Scott Podcast!
Our guest for episode 2 is Kareem Abdul Jabbar! Kareem is a 6x NBA MVP, a 19x NBA All Star, 15x All NBA, 11x All Defense, and 6x NBA Champion as part of the Showtime Lakers. He is regarded by many as the greatest basketball player of all time. Listen as Kareem and Byron talk about the great matchups of the 80s and get their take on the state of basketball today.
Executive Producer: Cody Wallace
Production Assistant: Joe Tran
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